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Sytex Ltd provides cloud services in collaboration with leaders in cloud computing all across Canada and the US, enabling the best data storage service to our clients, along with short-term and long-term benefits to executives, small businesses, and large-scale organizations. With this service, you can offer a variety of services from your own servers.

Lately, the amount of companies that use cloud computing services has exponentially increased, mostly because these services provide more flexibility and enables huge cost-reduction opportunities to the company that implements it. These services help you share files easily and provide you huge mass storage capabilities. Here, at Sytex ltd, we can connect you company with this outstanding side of the internet, allowing you to access any kind of information at anytime, anywhere, as well as keeping your data safe at the same time. Some advantages you may find by using these services are:

  1. You can have servers, hardware, emails, important files, critical info, and data without occupying any actual space within your company, in addition to securing you data in a safer way.
  2. You can access files from any device you have. A computer, a smartphone, a laptop, it does not matter; your files are going to be in the same place you left them.
  3. You can share your data with whomever you want to, having full control of your files and your company’s information, in addition to being able to work in real time with other users of the cloud.
  4. You can boost your company’s cooperation by having all the files a user may need in one place. The use of cloud services can improve team engagement by allowing your staff to share files simultaneously, keeping track of regular business in real time.
  5. Are you worried about your files getting corrupted or accidentally deleted? Well, no more. The cloud has your back, and it will have a copy of every file you want to keep.
  6. Do you want to lower maintenance costs and infrastructure? Well, the cloud is definitely the answer to all those problems

There are three main models of cloud computing:

  • SaaS or Software as a Service
  • PaaS or Platform as a Service
  • IaaS or Infrastructure as a service

You can ask us which one of these fits your best! And if all of this wasn’t enough, there’s more.
Our company will be responsible for all maintenance tasks and any updates your system may need.

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