CPA Accountants work out of the office anywhere, anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to turn on and be connected and work in an office?

A: Three to seven minutes.

Q: Will I experience a slow connection?

A: Unlikely, but it will ultimately depend on signal strength to the Rogers Wireless Hub.

Q: How I can save scanned files on the server if I’m not in the office and all scanned files are on my laptop?

A: The procedure we advise every single user in a company is that they should have their own Share Drive. This share drive connects from Active Directory or from Group Policy and is applied to the user as shared resource. Then the user can transfer the necessary file(s) to the shared drive and access from Laptop, Terminal Server or Remote Applications.

In this post Sytex would like share some IT insights which can be helpful for individuals and organizations in using convenient way to work out of the office anywhere, anytime.
This information can help accountants understand how other accounting firms work, and what is the best and most efficient way to work out of the office.
We’re trying to show a simple way for accountants to incorporate advanced IT into their daily workflow by simplifying client’s life without too many products and manipulations.
Sytex Ltd. provides a wide range of IT consulting services all across Canada meeting all client’s need. The company provides over five years of support for some accounting firms in Winnipeg and we are looking to assist more accounting firms. We are ready to help you to achieve your goals!

At Sytex for Accountants, we advise on how accountants work out of the office. While auditing at a client location, we try not to interrupt to the daily workflow. Furthermore, we try to innovate and enhance the system.

First, we at Sytex are concerned about security and the hours that can be spent at the client’s site. Accountants are often auditing at a client’s location anywhere from a day up to a month. We don`t want you to lose any work done while at the client site. We want our accountants to work protected. When an accountant is auditing or meeting with their client out of the office, they need options and availability to work without risk of lost data.
We’ve done the research, and found the best way for this. All products mentioned in this article are currently available in Canada.

1. We create a policy that states that nobody connects to any public Wi-Fi or client internet. The reason for this is because both the public wi-fi and a client’s internet may be insecure. Restricting connections to known secured channels is recommended.

2. Any person or team who travels to a client location requires internet. We advise you to use a Rogers Portable Wireless Hub with Flex Program. The Flex Program gives you the ability to pay for what you use. If you’re not using it, you don’t pay for it. For example, a team of four that spends one month at a client location will pay just $30 to $50 for Rogers internet.

3. At Sytex, we partner with brands like Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus etc., but for accountants, we advise you to use, for mobility and flexibility, HP ProBook 650 G3 or G4 with SSD Hard Drive only, Dell Latitude 5580 with SSD Hard Drive only, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and, if required, one portable Asus monitor.

We found this specific series can work for three or more years without any major issues.

4. Protection is one of biggest topics, but Ill try to make this short. Sophos, Cylance or SentinelOne must be installed and run on your machine. As well, prevention to download executable files, and list of extensions and scripts should be enabled. All of these anti-viruses have their own Black List. In two years, we have had zero threats or viruses. We achieved this by our specific configuration and devices.

5. With respect to a VPN (virtual private network), we advise you to use a Sophos SSL VPN. We found this to be a very easy and convenient way to communicate with the office on a secure channel.

6. Terminal Server and Remote Application. For every single person who works out of the office and is required to open CaseWare, TaxPrep, ProFile, QuickBooks and CCH products, they can easily open every single application on the terminal server or via remote application. If the internet connection is strong enough, you can open the application directly from your laptop.

7. Scanners. Most of our clients are using Fujitsu and Epson. The reason for this is that these scanners are quick, reliable, and affordable. The Fujitus scanner and Epson scanner are high quality and heavy-duty equipment; usually with a warranty from one year, up to three years. We have portable scanners that have scanned over 670k pages and still function normally. The parts in these scanners that may need replacement would just be the rollers, that push and receive paper. Some of the models are coming with PDF writer or Adobe Acrobat Standard with two free licences.

Most accountants usually carry the same items in their bag: laptop\tablet, charger for the laptop, a Rogers Wireless Hub, wireless mouse and three USB flash drives, sometimes if required they have a Scanner. Sometimes people also carry an extra monitor with them. All work will be saved on a server.


Some people may ask why we don’t recommend using Office 365 or the Cloud base work and why we don’t advise people to work entirely in the Cloud. We do advise people to use Office 365, however there is one concern that should be taken in consideration: based on our experience, most clients have huge files (over 30MB per file) which resulting in delays by taking longer time to open these files.
For example, PDF files with 30 pages can be a 300 kb file. Or, if that high-resolution file includes a signature paper, business information or picture, the file can be 10MB or more. CaseWare has their own data base and own history, and that big client can take over 500MB per one client. To open that file in the Cloud is possible. It’s just a case of the accountant having to wait a very long time. Why not use CaseWare cloud? For those that don’t know what that is, I’ll try to explain.

CaseWare has the capability to keep files in Cloud (CaseWare Data Center). If you need to work on a file, you first have to download the file then keep the same file on your computer all the time; then you can work. Every single download is dependent on your internet speed. After downloading the file on your laptop, you can work, but what about security? Without using CaseWare Cloud, let’s assume you turned away from your laptop to grab something from your bag and someone grabs your laptop, you will lose your data. With CaseWare Cloud system you will be able to keep unlimited data for a long time. The cost of this service is $144 per user, annually.

CaseWare Cloud backup works once every 24 hours, and keeps data for 80 days. If you or someone else damages the CaseWare file, restoration of damaged file will be extra and the cost is $75 USD. Restoration of this file can take up to 24 hours. One more thing… if you delete the entity, that information will be permanently deleted without a restore option.

We definitely advise that the use of CaseWare Cloud is a good product but make sure about possible extra fees that might be applied.
There is a lot of technologies currently on the market, such as Cloud, Software, Antiviruses and different type of Hardware. Sytex Ltd would be happy to assist you in the optimisation or modernisation of your system that will help you in your day to day work and further development. We are here for you 24/7/365 and we research new information daily regarding products and services.
If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me directly at or or just call 1-204-894-7301.
It doesn’t matter where in Canada or the USA you are located. We can help.