IT Solutions for Accountants and Lawyers


Sytex has extensive experience servicing accountants and accounting firms. Having gone through numerous tax seasons with our customers, we understand why the information must remain secure and why we must be available to our customers 24/7 during this stressful time of year. To accommodate our customers’ needs, we have developed unique methods that allow us to resolve issues promptly and remotely while allowing all staff members to continue working in their offices undisturbed. Our remote connection to your laptop or desktop uses secure channels to protect your information and limits any downtime that is required for resolving problems that may arise.

We also carry all of the hardware products that an accounting office needs. Through Sytex, you have access to a wide variety of equipment—including printers, scanners, fax machines, paperless technology equipment (e.g. digital fax servers), servers, storage devices, desktop computers, and laptop computers. Furthermore, Sytex has the expertise, knowledge, and products to accommodate the needs of an accountant.

We work with all the leading software products in the field including CaseWare, TaxPrep, US Tax, Profile QuickBooks, and Simply Accounting. Sytex can help you to resolve issues in relation to all of these software products and more.

If you are not sure which software or hardware products you require, our staff is here and will be happy to help you make the right decision by walking you through a detailed explanation. We strive to find you the best products and systems at a price you are comfortable with.


Sytex understands the need for legal data to remain independent and secure and will be happy to help you to achieve this important goal. We can help you minimize any problems while reducing your IT costs.

In addition, if you are still using Novel or Linux operation system, you may consider updating your systems and migrating all your data into the new, modern, and improved Windows system. Such a step might sound scary and complicated, but you will find the benefits far outweigh your concerns. Let our team, equipped with vast experience with migrations from Novel and Linux to Windows make your transition as seamless as possible so you can enjoy the benefits of the latest advancements.

Sytex can also provide you with technical support with PClaw, Copitrak, Microsoft Office, or other software products used in your legal work. Our objective is to provide all the necessary services your firm may need at your location, wherever it is located, either remotely or in person.

Our remote connection to your computer uses a secure channel in order to protect your information, and minimise downtime while allowing your staff members to continue their work in their own office undisturbed.

Sytex can also assist you with keeping up with modern “green” trends and reduce your impact on the environment by assisting you in the transition to a paperless office. Our staff has the experience, knowledge, and products to eliminate the need for paper.

If going paperless is not an option, we can also help you reduce costs associated with the use of paper products. These include the costs of toner cartridges, printers, workstations, and all other peripheral equipment. In addition, Sytex works extensively with all local internet service providers. We know how to minimize your monthly fees and make systems more affordable while continuing to preserve the quality of your work.

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