Cloud Computing, Right Here in Winnipeg

Cloud computing offers a variety of new possibilities for modern businesses no matter where they are located. Supporting and integrating different operating systems and applications it offers the following:
  • Fast access to data
  • Flexible configuration, depending on the volume of data and the range of services needed
  • Secure data cloud storage
  • Reliable data cloud backup
  • Remote desktop access
  • No upfront investment in hardware needed

Cloud Computing – Budget-Friendly Solution For Your Office:

Along with its functionality comes the direct financial advantages. Unlike computer networks that used to support the full range of functions—from database access to data storage and backup on local servers which required regular investment in hardware—cloud computing uses off-site servers. The great advantage of this setup for clients is that the pricing is based on the volume you use and the capacity you need.

There is no upfront costly hardware investment. Moreover, it can easily expand or shrink based on your actual needs. It also requires much fewer resources required for its maintenance, and “patching up,” which takes up both time and financial resources.

Cloud Computing – Our Expertise at Sytex

During the years that we have been working with Cloud Computing, we have witnessed its incredible growth and transformation and have always kept up with the rapid development.

But like everything related to information technology, this system keeps growing, developing, and changing, offering new capabilities and features. It takes our professionalism to stay ahead of the game and pass on the benefits and innovation to our clients.

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how can we help you?

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