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Your company’s essential data, your customers’ lists, and payment information might become compromised when hackers infiltrate your system. In the pre-digital age, stories of an accounting department being broken into and heavy metal cabinets being stolen were unheard of; unfortunately, today compromised client information has become a harsh reality.

Are you connected to the web? Do you have a computer network? Without a cybersecurity system set in place, your and your customers’ information is exposed to all types of malware threats. Moreover, you can be held legally responsible for failure to protect your customers’ information.

Over the years, we at Sytex have been offering cyber security solutions for business, and have seen a rise in its demand, the threats becoming more sophisticated and aggressive. The variety of tactics and methods used by companies and individuals behind the malware have become more diverse.  Their threats can come from anywhere in the world, even if your company is located in Winnipeg.

To counteract potential cyber threats, we have developed myriad security measures targeted at security breach prevention and focusing on individual problems:

Cyber Threat Detection

“Forewarned means forearmed” is our motto. When you work with us, most cyber threats are averted when we analyze the potential weakness of your firewall and network setup. As cyber threats constantly evolve, we focus on early detection and elimination of potential threats both in your cloud and onsite.

Data Recovery

We run an efficient and comprehensive data recovery system with all the information secured and easy to revert to in case any part of it is compromised, quarantined, or is accidentally destroyed.

Virus Removal

If you are part of any network, even if you take all the necessary precautions, you are at high risk to jeopardize your data and, even worse, pass it on to thousands of unsuspecting recipients. Therefore, it is essential to have a virus removal system in place.

Phishing Threat

Phishing is always unexpected and disguised as something else. With dozens of daily email interactions, it is easy to drop your guard just that one time, which is enough to create a major problem. Luckily we are here not to just alert you, but to deal with the consequences, too.

Ransomware Threat

Ransomware threats are becoming increasingly popular, and if you are a victim of this type of hacking, you may lose access to vital information. The culprits prey on the fact that you may be afraid to admit that you have done something wrong. Do not become a victim—turn to us for reliable protection. As cyber security threats always develop and evolve, it is important to rely on our experienced company, to:
  • Prevent
  • Detect
  • Eliminate
Contact us at Sytex to find out how you can keep your data well protected. Do not become a victim of cyber security threats.

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