Why it Is Important to Keep Your Software up to Date


Every now and then, you may get a prompt on your device screen asking you to update one or more of the apps you’re using. For many people, these notifications can be a bit distracting, always seeming to come up at the wrong time, yet everything is working just fine.

When it comes to personal devices, many will click “remind me later” and just keep putting the updates off. And in the case of workplace devices, we may not even notice these prompts, or we tell ourselves that it’s all up to IT to worry about them.

Here are some good reasons to make sure you are updating your software:

Zero-Day Exploits

Zero-day is a vulnerability within the software that the users and vendors are unaware of. Occasionally, tech-savvy users may discover such a flaw and possibly even warn others about it, for example, in online forums.

If the vendor hasn’t yet created a patch to solve the issue, attackers who know about it may quickly exploit it. Many vendors constantly revisit software products to identify zero-days and protect against them.

The protections are often included in updates, which is why it is important to always install them.

User Experience Issues

Software updates also usually come with new features that enhance the functionality of your software, enabling you to perform tasks that were previously not possible. They may also offer better compatibility with other devices and applications, and improve stability, preventing frequent crashes.

Covert Malware

First and foremost, always make sure you check to see that the website from which you’re getting a software update is the official website. One click on the wrong link and you could end up with malware covertly running on your device and stealing sensitive data.

Consider adjusting your settings to automatically check for and install updates when they are made available. Alternatively, you can configure your software to always check for updates but ask you before installing them.

Sometimes this option is the better choice since some vendors rush updates and they end up causing the software to malfunction. If you’ve encountered such a scenario, it is advisable to always check relevant online forums and find out what people are saying about a new update before you install it.

For organizations handling sensitive data, regularly updating your software not only protects you from ransomware and other attacks, but is also necessary for regulatory compliance and maintaining customer trust. Get in touch with Sytex today to find out how we can help stay up to date and keep your devices protected and secure!

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