Remote Desktop for Business

The 21st-century company is not limited by the walls of a single office in a single location anymore. The modern company is run from multiple locations. It includes employees and contractors often located in multiple time zones, with remote access from home offices, or simply traveling on the road.

In business, every minute counts, and decisions have to be made fast. In business, there is no wait time, time zones, or commute. It does not stop, so the advantage of time is rather important.

Having a reliable and efficient remote desktop connection system is simply a necessity. It will not only save you money but will help you run the business smoothly and spot the potential for improvement.

At Sytex, we believe in an efficient remote desktop connection system design, tailored to the needs of your company

Over many years of implementing systems like this, we have developed systems that not only allow for co-workers to communicate smoothly and have access to company applications and data at all times but which will revolutionize the way your company works.

Remote Desktop Connection by Sytex:

  • Reliable – no interruptions or downtime
  • Secure – all remote sessions are encrypted with TLS and 256-bit AES, with further device authentication.
  • Expandable – there is no limit to remote user number and data usage
  • Built-in analytic features
  • User-friendly – easy and intuitive interface
  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Accessible from various systems and operation systems

We have developed multiple flexible and adaptable remote desktop connection systems that reflect the needs of various businesses—financial, medical, and production.

Although they may be structured differently and have a different set of procedures, their day-to-day operations need to run smoothly and without interruption, and their employees need to have access to all the information right at their fingertips. This is where we come in with our expertise.

Sytex Desktop and Virtualization Advantages

Does your team need to use multiple screens? We have a solution. We have workstations that support up to six monitors using your system to its maximum potential, running at the maximum speed.

It is simply essential for IT professionals and developers and startups that build, test or demo software for any device, platform, or cloud. An ability to see and monitor how your software performs on multiple platforms is truly one of the key points in troubleshooting.

Remote Desktop Connection

The remote desktop is not only a powerful tool that ensures a reliable connection between your departments and team members, but it also offers user behavior analysis.

Whether for your business partners, independent contractors, or employees you can easily monitor and analyze their connectivity with the tools built in our systems:

You can quantify:

  • Team members’ active time spent online (active, idle, or disconnected)
  • Time spent by team members on specific tasks (for accurate client billing)
  • Real-time and historical analysis
  • Engagement of your clientele (for systems designed for clients’ remote access)

Easy to Set Up, Run, and Use

At Sytex, we perfectly understand that you might not be a computer geek, and most likely, most of your team isn’t either. But we are dedicated to creating a framework for your business that will run efficiently and can easily be adapted by users with varying levels of computer skills.

Our remote desktop systems are:

  • Simple & straightforward
  • Easy to use for non-IT-trained professionals
  • Minimal setup and configuration
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Centralized management capabilities
  • 24/7 customer support
We are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, so when it comes to local support, we are always here for you.

Are you interested in finding out how remote desktop solutions can optimize the way you run your business? Contact us to assess your remote desktop system needs and let us create one just for you.

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