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With remote working becoming more popular, businesses need convenient remote desktop software to overcome its disadvantages. Remote access software offers flexibility, convenience, cost efficiency, and streamlined collaboration. Sytex provides remote desktop systems that revolutionize your business operations!

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Local Canadian Provider

Sytex provides remote desktop solutions for businesses in Canada. Our software facilitates seamless collaboration between coworkers, allowing them to work from anywhere.

Excellent Reputation

Sytex maintains an excellent reputation for over-delivering. We provide remote desktop systems that help your business grow in the digital era.

Sophisticated Technology

Our remote access software is reliable, scalable, and secure to respond to your business needs. The user-friendly interface, easy integration, and analytic features make our remote desktop systems an integral part of a digital company.

I24/7 Customer Service Support

The Sytex team is available 24/7 to resolve any issues and prevent them from disrupting your work operations. With our remote access service, your employees have uninterrupted real-time access to the information they need.

Sytex Service Area Coverage:

Sytex team operates in Winnipeg, Manitoba, strategically located in the center of North American time zones, within one or two hours difference from coast to cost. Most of our services are available in remote mode, feel free to quote. For some “hands-on” services such as on-site computing we provide calls and visits 100 km around Winnipeg.
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Remote access is commonly used by remote workers, allowing them to work from anywhere. It is perfect for remote employees who want to access the files on their work computers. The remote IT team can also fix an issue on an employee’s computer.
The VON and RAS are different technologies with different purposes. The remote access service allows you to connect to a computer while the VPN establishes a secure connection to a network.
The cost of remote access service is usually equal to one cup of coffee (choose your favorite brand). It is usually paid as a monthly subscription per user.