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Looking for a data recovery solution? Sytex LTD experts are here for you. We provide on-site assistance for businesses and offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada-wide remotely. Our specialties include (but not limited to):

  • Network data disaster recovery
  • Cloud backup
  • Data recovery from single or multiple devices
  • Data loss prevention

Your system’s safety is our top one priority, and Sytex has the expertise and the knowledge to ensure that we give all your systems the necessary attention. We provide a backup and disaster recovery solution to secure your data and make sure everything goes as planned.

Counting on technology can be a great asset for your company; we must, however, take the necessary precautions to secure data and prevent files and important documents from getting compromised. Losing important data is definitely not on the table, and we can secure all your work and substantial information with our backup and disaster recovery services, provided to you by IT experts and professionals.

Viruses, malware, and hackers are always waiting for an opportunity, and these types of threats can jeopardize all of your data, files, and important information. Even if we rule out all these threats, physical disasters can also put your data at risk. Any type of natural disaster has the ability to erase all your data.

It is important to have duplicates of your data, whether it is to prevent losses from computer crashes, hard drive failures, virus infections, or simply to know that your data is secured. Companies with no protection at all are more likely to suffer attacks or breaches in their system, resulting in the loss of customers, business opportunities, and critical data that may affect your company’s performance in the near future. There are always going to be risks, and it is better to be prepared than sorry.

Having a backup is better than having none, and with us, your systems will be always protected and able to recover from any data loss scenario.

It’s always better to prevent an accident, and we will do what we do best to ensure your data’s safety—handling antivirus software, hardware matters, and protecting your system from any common disasters. In addition, we will also create a strategic continuity plan for your company, establishing priorities and objectives when restoring hardware, software, apps, programs, and data. After any disaster or attack, we can protect your business by conceptualizing and designing a strategic solution, implementing our recovery point objective and recovery time objective initiatives. We always expect the best-case scenario, but planning ahead is a must.

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