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Our Sytex 4-point approach to a solid backup and data recovery:

By implementing four core principles, we set up a comprehensive backup and data recovery solution that offers peace of mind and ensures business continuity in the event of a data loss incident
  • 3-in1 approach: This foundational element emphasises redundancy and physical separation of backups. Here’s the breakdown:

    • 3 Copies: We create & maintain at least three copies of your critical data. This ensures you have spares in case one copy gets corrupted.
    • 2 Different Media Types: Store your backups on two different media types. For instance, a combination of internal hard drives and external drives or cloud storage. This protects against media-specific failures.
    • 1 Offsite Copy: Keep at least one copy of your backups offsite. This could be in a secondary location or a cloud storage service disengaged from your network. This safeguards your data from physical disasters like fire or theft.
  • Automated Backups: We run regular automated backups to avoid human error and ensure consistency. Daily backups are ideal for critical data, while less crucial information can be backed up weekly or monthly.
  • Regular Testing: Don’t assume your backups work perfectly. We will periodically perform test restores to verify the functionality of your backups,identifying any potential issues before a real disaster has a chance to strike.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan: Having a documented disaster recovery plan outlines the steps we take in case of a data loss event. This plan will include details on restoring your data, prioritising critical systems, and minimising downtime. The plan is not just detailed but also reviewed and updated regularly.

Sytex Service Area Coverage:

Sytex team operates in Winnipeg, Manitoba, strategically located in the center of North American time zones, within one or two hours difference from coast to cost. Most of our services are available in remote mode, feel free to quote. For some “hands-on” services such as on-site computing we provide calls and visits 100 km around Winnipeg.
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Backup & Disaster Recovery Services FAQ

While backups are essentially your data replicas, Disaster Recovery (DR) represents the full-fledged blueprint for systems and data restoration that come into play after post a major upheaval such as data loss. Backups are the essential DR’s backbone, yet DR also envelops swift systems reactivation procedures. DB combined with DR is what Data loss prevention is mostly all about.
The frequency depends on your business needs. Critical data requiring immediate access (i.e, financial records) will almost certainly require daily backups. Less crucial information can be backed up weekly or even monthly.
Cloud storage is a great option for offsite backups, but a comprehensive strategy should also include local backups on external drives for faster recovery of smaller-scale incidents. The 3-2-1 rule recommends using a combination of media for redundancy.
Managed Backup & DR services offer expertise, automation, and robust infrastructure. They handle the complexities of backup scheduling, monitoring, and disaster recovery planning, freeing you to focus on your core business and making absolutely sure your data will be recovered fast, and in its full volume, in case this is needed.

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