Business Phone Systems

Although they are no longer your only connection to the world, your business phone systems have to stay reliable and offer just the features you need. Whether you are looking to upgrade or install a new phone office system, we are proud to offer the one that is optimized for your business:
  • Unlimited calling, texting, faxes, video
  • 24/7 Winnipeg-based, 100% Canadian customer support
  • Variety of competitive price packages
  • Expert setup & installation
  • Easy for admins to program
  • Efficient use of bandwidth
  • Free business phone system training with setup
Sytex is proud to offer the optimal business phone system that fits both the size of your business and your budget.

How Do VoIP Phones Work?

Modern technology allows using phones that are smart enough and ready to receive calls and use all the functions once plugged into a private or public internet connection.

Along with this, VoIP phones offer excellent voice clarity and clear LCD display screens, an intercom feature, direct dial from the corporate directory, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability.

The Business Phone Systems that are Adapted for any Type or Size of Business

Every type of business has its own needs and specific approach when it comes to phone systems. We offer modern solutions that are integrated for all types of businesses:
  • Medical & dental offices and medical clinics
  • Retail
  • Independent consultants
  • Legal offices
  • Telemarketers
  • Offices with employees in multiple locations & telecommuters

Show Your Customers you Care by Having a Reliable VoIP Business Phone System

Customers evaluate your business in many different ways, and a friendly business phone system is not the bottom one on this scale of values. After all, it comes down to the ease of connection.

In the modern world, people are too busy to wait on the phone and a list of your competitors is always at their fingertips. It often comes down to a simple thing—who can your customers reach faster?

The tolerance of customers for long hold times have noticeably decreased over the past decade with so many more options available, that you might not be worthwhile to hold for. And you might not even know about it.

Another thing that everyone simply hates is navigating endless instructions of pressing an endless number of options, especially when the option that you actually need is just not there. The responsiveness of your phone system can truly make or break your business. Sytex will help you set up a functional and client-oriented phone system.

Program Your Phone System to be More Human:

  • Give the callers viable options—do not just keep them busy pressing buttons while you are unavailable.
  • Organize your office so that your employees will not avoid phone calls. Appoint people, if needed.
  • Offer your clients callback options.
Our phone system allows great client-oriented features and we will be glad to help you to set it up and offer the advantages of VoIP technology to maximize the system efficiency without taking too many of your resources. Are you looking for a client-friendly easy to use VoIP business phone system in Winnipeg?

Contact us to get a quote and learn about all our innovative features.

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